The skyrim web log Constantly in tune with his natural environment, the druid draws power in energies of the wild, using them to maintain your balance of the natural world.The druid is mostly a master alchemist, capable of drawing out the magical properties of raw foods and turning them into incredible potions anddebilitatingpoisons.His skill is so excellent, he could craft potions that enhance his other abilities to extraordinary levels.Despite preferringto avoid combat altogether as he looks for rare substances, the druid isnonetheless an experienced combatantwith a variety of skills at his disposal.A flexible ranged fighter, the druid is an authority archer, illusionist and break down mage, utilisingall skills to make sure no enemy reaches him.Should his foes break by simply hisoffence however, the druid is capable of altering the very fabric on the planet in order to shield himself from attack or paralyse his foes.The druid is also an experienced healer, able to rapidlyrecoverfrom including the mostgrievouswounds.Thedruids most extraordinary skill however, is his capto be able to command the beasts of the wild, getting in touch with bears, sabre cats and various creatures to his aid.Bankruptcy attorney las vegas rumours of druids who have embraced the very nature of the beast into their spirits, efficient in shifting their forms into those of powerful animals. Battle:An excellent opportunity the best race for this build would be the breton, as their elements to resist and absorb magical energies is fitting with the druid's role.However a bosmer is also a great choice and their racial power to command animals and their skill with archery/alchemy will be very useful. Organic:To start with i would make mage stone, if you need to level our magic skills.Late game i chose the atronach stone for magic consumption, but this is actually a matter of personal preference. Betting:The druid is totally a spellcaster, so a high magicka pool is.However in order to get the most from our archery we need to put up stamina as well.An excellent opportunity a ratio of 1/3/2 in health/magicka/stamina. Alchemy:The druids primary credential.The druid is a master alchemist and so all perks increasing the potency of his concoctions will be taken.The druid is also capable of making his poisons last for more shots, as well as the principle advantage of harvest more ingredients from a single plant.I will be using alchemyexcessively, both to poison our weaponry and to bolster our other skills. Degeneration:The druid is capable of harnessing the Pandora Bracelets Sale raw elements of the planet into devastating spells.The druid is adept with all elements and various levels of spell, so perks must be placed in each element.Dual cast and impact perks are also very helpful for any destruction mage. Archery:The druid is a master with a bow capable of firing rapidly while moving quickly around the battleground.We need to reach ranger and quickshot, as well as taking all the injury increase perks.Steady hand is non-Obligatory, but i love to take at least one perk in it. Trick:The druid is a master of mental mau, capable of turning his foes against additional, peaceful wild beasts, or granting courage and vital energy to his allies.I would advise taking the majority the perks in this tree, which will allow us to manipulate even the most strong willed of men and women. Change:The druid is greatly skilled in effecting reality that allows you to shield himself or to incapacitate his foes.He is also able to resist and absorb the magical powers of enemy mages, turning their capability against them. Renewal:Renewal is optional as our potions will serve to heal us best.However a druid is commonly able to heal himself and allies under his own power so a few perks in here will not go to waste. Lightarmour:I chose to use lightarmourmainly for the appearance but a bit moredefencenever goes amiss.A few perks in agile defender will be good as alteration is already upping ourdefence. Slip:I took a grand total of 3 perks in sneak that allows you to reach deadly aim, other than that illusion will show good results for us. Werewolf:The most powerful of druids are designed for altering their very shape into that of a wild beast.With incorporating the werewolf perk tree, this will allow us to become very efficient. Armour of the particular gods:That forsworn set, receivedas an incentive for the nobody escapes cindha mine quest in markarth, will help to increase our magicka, desrtuction, archery and sneak skills as well as having a pretty good 'druid' look about it. Lace:Zephyr's bend, found within lost to the ages quest, fires 30% faster than a normal bow that is very useful, and in particular once quickshot isacquiredgiving us a total of 60% faster fire rate.Otherwise the best bow lots of. Jewellery:Were going to want to enchant a necklace around Pandora Bracelets Cheap your neck and ring with fortify destruction/illusion, enabling us to cast quickly and quite often. Animal allegiance:The druid cries out with wild, phone calls animals from afar to aid him in combat. Kynes calm:The druid whispers ancient relaxing magic to a wild beast, soothing its rage and ending it Pandora Beads: from attacking him. Disarm:The druid sets loose a shockwave that disarms his opponent, making them helpless. Fire flow of air/frost oxygen:The druids mastery of sun and rain extends to his voice, unleashing a wave of criticism or ice. Slow a moment:The druid channels the really energy of time itself, moving faster than his players eyes can catch. Weather system call:Contacting the raw power of the heavens, the druid calls forth a mastery storm, striking his players down with bolts of lightning. Flutter sprint:When his life is endangered, the druid calls on the wind to cart him to a safe distance.

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